Suppression to labor union by Gakken

 Gakken Holdings is the company which has published educational-related teaching materials. This company has advanced also to a welfare-related enterprise recently.
 December, 1977, we who were working for the subcontract editorial production "Tokyofujise-kikaku" of Gakken formed the labor union. The purpose was for the improvement of overly inferior labor conditions, such as unpaid long time overtime work and low wages. However, the only one week afterward, Gakken pulled up all of the business which was being made to perform to 35 us, made the company go bankrupt, and discharged all the members.
There was a reason in this sudden attack. The management of Gakken devised suppression to the labor union formed independently of the company union also in the head office in 1973, and had caused the dispute. Gakken used violence on the labor-union member, and discharged labor-union management.

Violence against the union member of the head office by Gakken
The executives of a company who pounce on a nonresistant union member

Moreover, Gakken took up the important edit business of Gakken which the labor-union member was bearing. Gakken turned the taken-up work to the subcontracting company. The subcontracting company to which we belong was made into the company for the measure against labor union of the head office.
Since we formed labor union in the subcontracting company, Gakken was panicked. Gakken pulled up the edit business which 35 we were performing altogether suddenly. Thereby, the subcontracting company went bankrupt and all the members were discharged.
 The manager of a subcontracting company has declared. "The corporate bankruptcy which aimed at labor-union crushing was devised by Gakken."
 The administrator in bankruptcy of the company which went bankrupt caused the trial which charges reparations against Gakken. By judgment in 1985, Tokyo District Court said that Gakken pulled up business in order to crush labor union. This judgment authorized the dispute responsibility of Gakken clearly.
One of the officers of Gakken accepted the responsibility of Gakken. And he has proposed that he would like to solve a labor dispute.However, this officer has been dismissed immediately. And Gakken has refused the talks with us.
The excuse of a collective bargaining naysaying of Gakken uses a command of Committee on Labor Affairs. The unjust command of Committee on Labor Affairs is issued on the grounds that Gakken is not our employer. Since Gakken is not a user, this command has said that what Gakken did does not need to judge.
This is an entire error. As judgment of the judicatory has stated, Gakken cannot evade the responsibility of having made the subcontracting company going bankrupt.

Gakken resisted collective bargaining and also has repeated the SLAP litigation which charges reparations to the news story of our labor union.
We do not allow this .We are fighting. We appeal for your support. Respectfully                   2023.6.13